Updating the fleet «Lekpharm» JLLC

Due to the constant growth in the number of clients of the company, as well as the increased requirements for the transportation itself, the management of «Lekpharm» JLLC decided to update the fleet with two new cars that comply with international standards for the transport of medicines GDP.

In 2018, two new IVECO refrigerator trucks (35С15 and 70С15) were purchased, the volume of vans 19 and 33 meters cubic and now the fleet of trucks is 4 units. These cars are used to deliver medicines to all points in Belarus with the maintenance of a specified temperature regime in the range from minus 20 to plus 30 ° C.

According to GMP and GDP, temperature mapping should be carried out not only in warehouses and pharmacies, but also in road transport, which is used to transport products sensitive to temperature changes. To determine if the temperature indicators correspond to storage and transportation conditions, temperature loggers are used that continuously collect data throughout the mapping process. During the transport of goods by road, as well as during loading and unloading, the temperature inside the van may vary. Too sharp fluctuations are reflected in the state of production.

To maintain the optimum temperature and humidity conditions, climate control systems were installed in all refrigerated trucks. Refrigeration and heating plants and car vans-refrigerators have successfully passed all the necessary validation tests for temperature mapping and confirmed the proper ability to maintain the specified temperature regimes when transporting medicines to the consumer all along the route.