JLLC «Lekpharm» is a modern full-cycle pharmaceutical company.

JLLC «Lekpharm» develops, tests, registers, manufactures and sells medicines.

The production portfolio includes 197 medicines:

  • 157 drugs in solid forms.
  • 22 items are injections and drops (18 of them are bulk)

JLLC «Lekpharm» produces a wide range of medicines. These drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract and vitamin-mineral complexes.

Total number of employees in the company: 368 people.

Production of tablets, capsules, sachets

Manufacture of tablets, capsules and sachets at JLLC «Lekpharm» is carried out on modern equipment from leading companies:

  • OHAUS (USA);
  • IMA (Italy);
  • GEA (Austria);
  • Oliympus (Japan);
  • IKA Werke (Germany).

Total area of the building 7 219,7m2

Total area of the quality control department 517,7m2

In production we are used only high-quality raw materials from Denmark, Poland, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Two research laboratories and two quality control laboratories provide a triple-quality control system.

All production stages comply with the international quality standards of GMP.

Proper storage of finished products provides a modern warehouse complex with microclimate control.

Ampoules production

The enterprise is equipped with the most modern equipment of leading European manufacturers (Germany, Italy). All technological operations are monitored in real time. The production uses water only from an artesian well, which additionally goes through a multi-stage deep cleaning.

The main characteristics of the production of liquid sterile forms on JLLC «Lekpharm»:

  • standard batch: from 8 thousand to 450 thousand ampoules;
  • pre-filled ampoules Schott are used;
  • performance - up to 24 thousand ampoules per hour;
  • electronic recipe database;
  • automatic cleaning (CIP), automatic drying;
  • automatic sterilization (SIP);
  • automatic monitoring of temperature, pressure and time;
  • filtration 0.2 mkm (sterilizing);
  • preparation and bottling in an inert environ (nitrogen);
  • control of mechanical particles, integrity, control of cosmetic defects and the shape of the tip of the ampoule, control of the stamp and label.

Total area of the building 5 582,9m2

Total area of the quality control department 322,7m2