Lekfarm JLLC at the exhibition «Healthcare of Belarus» 2019

26th International Specialized Exhibition «Healthcare of Belarus» took place from March 12-15, 2019 in Minsk. About 200 exhibitors from 15 countries took part in this exhibition.

It was possible to get acquainted with a wide range of medicines at the Lekpharm booth. At the moment, the company produces 95 medicines by international non-proprietary name, 66 of which are solid dosage forms and 32 are liquid. In 2018, 14 new medicines were registered and the production of 16 new drugs began.

Lekpharm’s representatives gave an opportunity to obtain information on the drugs that appeared in pharmacies as early as 2019: Losartane (Losartane), Pantarazole (Pantoprazole), Nemolek (Albendazole), Ketorof-LF solution (Ketorolac), Captopril-LF (Captopril), Tolperisone-LF (Tolperisone), Cetrilok (Cetirizine).

In the framework of the exhibition Lekpharm JLLC took part in the training seminar “Domestic Medicines on the Pharmaceutical Market of the Republic of Belarus”. Leading specialist of the marketing department Elena Kuzmina made a report for specialists, ambulatory and inpatient doctors, for pharmacists who gathered from all the regions of the republic.

Meetings with the specialists of the foreign economic activity department outlined further prospects for cooperation with partners from other countries. At the moment, the company exports its products to 10 countries, in 2018 products were exported for 14,4 million dollars USA, which accounted for a growth for 30% in comparison with 2017 year.



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