In 2018, the trade name of the drug Nifuroxazide-LF was changed

In 2018, the trade name of the drug Nyfuroxazide-LF was changed.

From the third quarter of 2018, the drug in both 100 and 200 mg dosages can be purchased at pharmacies under the new trade name Nifurox.

Simultaneously with the change of the trade name, the packaging was rebranded, it became bright and noticeable among similar preparations.

Новый вид упаковки Нифурокс

Nifurox (Nifuroxazide) is available in capsules 100 and 200 mg No. 30

Antimicrobial agent for the treatment of acute diarrhea of bacterial origin.

The main symptoms of diarrhea are:

- frequent urge to go to the toilet;

- loose stools;

- pain in the abdomen with diarrhea;

- vomiting;

- sometimes accompanied by high temperature;

Nifurox helps not only to eliminate the symptoms of diarrhea, but also to maintain the normal intestinal microflora as much as possible.


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