Training seminar for RUE «Minsk Pharmacy»

On October 16, 2018, the pharmaceutical workers of the RUE «Minsk Pharmacy» took part in the training seminar «New production capabilities of the pharmaceutical company «Lekpharm» JLLC».

Today, Lekpharm JLLC is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, which is in the TOP-3 in the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Belarus, and manufactures medicines for the full production cycle. In the portfolio of «Lekpharm» JLLC there are more than 200 INNs, taking into account packing and dosages.

The workshop participants were shown the production areas of the enterprise, conducted a tour of the liquid dosage forms workshop, during which the specialists got acquainted with the production technology, equipment, asked questions to the employees of «Lekpharm» JLLC.

Also, the specialists of RUE «Minsk Pharmacy» were provided with information on new medicinal products of Lekpharm JLLC, the production of which was mastered in 2018.

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