New drugs JLLC «Lekpharm»

Since the 1st quarter of 2018 JLLC «Lekpharm» implements new registered drugs:

Esolok (Esomeprazole) tablets enteric, film-coated 20 mg No. 14, 28; 40 mg No. 14, 28.

Proton pump inhibitor for the treatment of diseases associated with acidity disorders.

Magnelek (magnesium citrate + vitamin B 6)

- a dosage of 100 mg / 10 mg in the form of oval-shaped tablets with a risk, contains 100 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of vitamin B 6;
- a dosage of 50 mg / 5 mg in the form of tablets of round form, contains 50 mg of magnesium and 5 mg of vitamin B 6.

Magnesium contains magnesium and is used to correct deficiency of this element in the body. The following symptoms are indicative of magnesium deficiency: nervousness, irritability, mild anxiety, transient fatigue, minor sleep disorders, signs of anxiety, such as gastrointestinal spasms or heart palpitations (with a healthy heart), muscle cramps, tingling sensations.


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