Open day JLLC «Lekpharm»

Representatives of large commercial networks of the Republic of Bashkortostan were invited to the plant: Ligmaton LLC, Pharmacy Plus, Iskamed LLC, Interpharmax JV, Lekotsentr Branch of Tsentrkurort State University, Pharmin, ZAO Unifarm, the management company of the holding company Aptekagrupp, Medvax, Doctor Vremya LLC.

The event was attended by 30 people: chiefs and deputy trade departments, managers of retail and wholesale trade departments, heads of pharmacies.

According to the program of the event, the head of the marketing department Shalkevich Inga addressed the report on the history of the company's development, successes, new preparations, production features and prospects for the development of the JLLC Lekpharm plant.

On the Day of Open Doors, an excursion took place with a visit to the production site No. 2 (shop of liquid medicinal forms) by  JLLC «Lekpharm» where the guests could see the modern high-tech equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, which produces more than 20 medicines, such as Ceralin (citicoline) , Alfacholine (choline alfoscerate), Chondroitin (chondroitin sulfate), Dex (dexketoprofen), Neurovit (vitamins of group B), Mexilek (methyl ethylperidinol succinate), Meldolec (meldonium), Winner - LF (vinpocetin), etc. The capacities of this shop allow producing more than 150 million ampoules a year.

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