Seminar «Experience of using domestic medicines»

Within the framework of the International Specialized Exhibition «Healthcare of Belarus 2018» JLLC «Lekpharm" took part in the training seminar «Experience of using domestic medicines». Speakers - leading specialists in the field of cardiology and neurology - delivered speeches for specialists, outpatient and in-patient physicians, pharmacists from all regions of the republic.

Seminar JLLC «LEFFARM» was opened by Pavlovskaya T.S., a research assistant of the neurological department of the RNPTs of Neurology and Neurosurgery with a lecture «Arterial hypertension and the brain: what is important to know a practicing doctor», where, from the position of a neurologist's doctor, presented data on the damaging effect of arterial hypertension on the most important target organ of the brain, recommendations on drug therapy and prevention with an example of the use of medicinal products by JLLC "Lekpharm" (Tseralin, Alfaholin, Mexilek, Nicergolin-LF) are given.

In the report on the topic «Circadian rhythm disturbances in blood pressure as risk factors for development of the central nervous system. Possibilities of correction» M.M. Liventseva, Ph.D., leading researcher of the laboratory of arterial hypertension RNPTs» Cardiology «updated the topic of social and medical importance of arterial hypertension in the development of cerebrovascular diseases, presented data on the modern possibilities of practicing therapists and cardiologists in correction disorders of the circadian rhythm of arterial pressure with an example of the use of monopreparations and combined medicines JLLC «Lekpharm» (Moksonidin-LF, Bikard PLUS, Bikard AM, Lozartan Plus, Amlotenzin, Ramilong Plus). The speeches of the two speakers aroused great interest among specialists, explanations and additional recommendations were given by the lecturers in the «question-answer» mode.

Further, with the information on new preparations produced by JLLC «LEFFARM» for the treatment of pathology of the locomotor system, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, the leading experts of the marketing department Kuzmina E.V. and Imelinskaya T. I.

JLLC «LEFFARM» develops and improves the development and production of medicines, combining the latest scientific achievements and the needs of a practical health care system, facilitating the information interaction of practicing physicians and leading researchers.

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