JLLC «Lekpharm» buys only high quality raw materials and substances.

Reliable and responsible suppliers always have good conditions for cooperation and timely payment.

JLLC «Lekpharm» is looking for suppliers of the following items:

  1. Metoprolol succinate pellets 60% (Metoprolol).
  2. Choline alfoscerate (lipoid) (Choline alfoscerate).
  3. Citicoline (Citicoline).
  4. Meldonium (Meldonium).
  5. Thiamine hcl(Thiamine).
  6. Pyridoxine hcl(Pyridoxine).
  7. Tamsulosin pellets 0.2% (Tamsulosin).
  8. Fenspiride hcl(Fenspiride).
  9. Ambroxol hcl (Ambroxol).


Boyarina Olga

Deputy Head of Supply Department

+375 1774 53-803